Every         handbag starts with a piece of plain fabric, a pair of hands and the talent of a group of artists in Naupan, a small town in the hills of Puebla, Mexico.

A designer in Houston then transforms this piece of beautiful embroidery into a unique handbag that stands by itself. When you buy this         handbag you enter in a two way process. You give hope, opportunities and dignity to the artist and designer while you receive love and a piece of the artist’s heart.

That is the beauty of handmade.


IPATÍ means to value in Nahuatl. That is our mission. 

We value the beauty and uniquness of the artisans that make our embroidery. They in turn value the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Human beings and the way we relate to our environment is unique.

Unique are the dreams and the souls which,

through unique hands, weave and twine an individual’s own life experiences and surroundings, rooted in pure passion and love.

"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

It is important to IPATÍ that the women we work with are able to continue their way of life, traditions and culture so their work is not disruptive to their way of life.


IPATI ensures that the amount of orders are culturally appropriate to the artisans, since they have many responsibilities, both within and outside of the household.

We have a relationship with the artisan suppliers to ensure that they increase their incomes while working reasonable hours, using their traditional techniques, engaging with

their families staying within their communities, and continuing to participate in traditional festivities.



Watch our video Cris's Story 

At IPATI we beleive in “Buen vivir, or good living" as described a way of doing things that is community-centric, ecologically-balanced and culturally-sensitive”. The economic growth per se does not ensure

sustainable or inclusive development. Individual interest is subordinated to the good of the community and the Earth.


 Families are very generous hosts and their traditions are based on

sharing and supporting each other. One of these traditions is community service, or faenas, which involve volunteering ones time and labor toward public works that benefit the whole community

There is a pre-existing cultural awareness and appreciation for textiles in Naupan.

Embroidery has cultural significance because it is a way to display the symbols that identify the community and that have been handed down through the generations.

This appreciation enables women to earn money and engage in what is considered an acceptable form of employment. One of the IPATI values is to make sure this traditions continue. 

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